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Prime Throwing and hitting Academy

Prime Throwing Academy


Prime Throwing Academy is the Baltimore area's premier velocity development and pitching instruction program for baseball and softball players. We combine mechanics instruction,  velocity development, arm care, and pitch design elements to help our athletes throw harder, improve their "stuff", command their pitches, and stay healthy.

At PSP, we perform individual testing and video analysis before the start of the program, in addition to periodic re-evaluations and testing. This allows us to fine-tune each athlete's workload, drill progression, and pitch design components. Each athlete is given a fully individualized throwing program based on their goals, training history, injury history, and time of year (in-season vs off-season). In some cases we will also use Pulse Sensor technology to measure and track arm stress through the program to help athletes safely increase their throwing workloads over time.

Once an athlete starts the program, they'll receive coaching on all of their drills, and real-time feedback during their bullpen sessions with our Rapsodo pitch-tracking technology, which aids our pitch development process. At the conclusion of our winter session the Prime Throwing Academy participants will get to pitch in Live At-Bats against PSP hitters to get valuable game-like mound time prior to the start of their high school/college seasons

Prime Hitting Academy

Prime Hitting Academy is the most advanced hitter development program in the Baltimore area. Headed by Joe Hirsch of the Cincinnati Reds player development department, the program is built around data including swing and batted ball metrics from Rapsodo and Blast Motion swing tracking technology combined with slow-motion video swing analysis. Each hitter in the program participates in an individualized training plan designed to augment their strengths while identifying and closing holes in their swing. Increased exit velocity/power, contact consistency, swing path optimization, and improved mental approach are the main goals of this program, and participants will be able to take game-like reps off our Hack Attack machine as well as hit in live at-bats against Prime Throwing Academy pitchers during the winter to prepare for the upcoming high school/college season.

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