Prime Throwing Academy

What is Prime Throwing Academy?


Prime Throwing Academy - formerly known as Redline Throwing Academy - is the Baltimore area's premier velocity development and pitching instruction program for baseball and softball players. We combine mechanics instruction, baseball-specific strength and mobility training, and a weighted ball program to safely and effectively develop throwing velocity and efficient mechanics.


We have worked with a wide range of athletes from 9-year-olds to professional baseball players and all have seen success in our program, with last year's program netting an average velocity increase of 6.78 mph over 8 weeks. 





The PSP Difference


Many throwing programs fail to address individual needs with regards to throwing instruction: they prescribe the same drills, stretches, and throwing loads for all of their athletes. 


At PSP, we perform individual testing and video analysis before the start of the program, in addition to weekly re-evaluations and testing. This allows us to fine-tune each athlete's workload and drill progression. Each athlete is given a fully individualized throwing program based on their goals, training history, injury history, and time of year (in-season vs off-season).

Once an athlete starts the program, they'll receive coaching on all of their drills, and real-time feedback during their bullpen sessions with our Rapsodo pitch-tracking technology, which aids our pitch development process.





     Our Methods 


We use a wide variety of training methods to develop throwing ability, including:


  • Video Analysis

  • Medicine Ball Training

  • Overweight and Underweight Ball Throwing

  • Mechanics Instruction

  • Progressive Drill Work

  • Shoulder Strength and Mobility Program

  • Position-Specific Training

  • Rapsodo Bullpen Work for Pitchers

Rapsodo Sessions

½ Hour Individual Lesson - $65

½ Hour Lesson 4-Pack - $225


Pitching instructor will guide athlete through a bullpen session utilizing Rapsodo pitch tracking technology and slow motion video to evaluate pitch velocity and movement, spin rate, spin efficiency, strike %, and release point data. Instructor will also identify mechanical inefficiencies, provide cues to optimize mechanics, and analyze Rapsodo data to improve pitch spin rate/efficiency and movement. Data from bullpen will be provided to athlete at the completion of the session.

Prime Throwing Program

$295 per month

($195/mo for athletes concurrently enrolled in PSP training program)


Athletes will receive a customized throwing program that includes 1 Rapsodo bullpen per week, customized drill work, video analysis, and long toss/weighted ball work as is warranted/desired. This plan will also include a personalized stretching and arm care routine to be performed before and after each throwing session. Can be bundled with a PSP training program for a cost savings of $100/mo