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At Prime Sports Performance, we take pride in providing our athletes with the equipment & space they need to work hard, make gains, and have fun. We have all the necessary strength training equipment for maximal gains available to our athletes, which you can view in the video and pictures below. In addition to our 1,200 square foot gym we also have two 80'x15' hitting/throwing tunnels and 2,400 square feet of open turf for speed and agility work, medicine ball throws, and sport/position specific work. 

We emphasize tracking metrics and progress in our training programs, so our hitting and throwing tunnels are outfitted with Stalker radar guns to measure pitched or batted ball speed, and a Trackman unit to measure and record pitch metrics. Our turf area is equipped with an Exsurgo gSprint system to record electronic sprint times, and our medicine ball area is equipped with a Stalker radar gun to measure medicine ball throw velocities, and our weight room is equipped with Vitruve bar velocity tracking technology.

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